Join us as we Celebrate our 54th Season of Live Theater

History of The Belfry Theatre

In July of 1965, a collection of Noblesville residents who enjoyed gathering to read plays decided it was time to take their passion to the next step. That summer,  Mrs. Anne Braswell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell, Mrs. and Mrs. Robert Kraft, Mr. and Mrs. John Kyle, Mrs. Shirley Pritchard and their leader, the Rev. John Burbank formed the Hamilton County Theatre Guild. The following February, an audience of more than 500 gathered in the ‘Cafetorium’ of the Noblesville High School to witness their first production –  "Ah, Wilderness!" This production was quickly followed by 4 others which formed the guild’s pilot season of 1965-1966.

The group didn’t anticipate such a large and appreciative audience, nor did they realize that a long list of successful productions would follow.

In December of 1968 the ‘Guild’ purchased the former home of the Emmanual United Methodist Church at the intersection of Greenfield Ave. and Union Chapel Road. The following year the building was improved with the addition of a septic system, stage lighting and added space on the west side which included restrooms. With these improvements The Belfry was ready for its first production, "The Odd Couple", directed by John Foland in February of 1969.

In the late 1970s, the east side of the building was expanded to include a lobby and a ‘green room’ for the actors and crew. Additional improvements were made in the mid 1990s to include a board room, dressing rooms, and workshop. The improvements were paid for in large part by a fundraiser with entertainment supplied by ‘The Sounds’, comprised of members Elaine Wagner, Betsy Bullis, Susie Townsend, Jack Hittle, Bill Dix, and others.

The continued success of the guild is directly related to its audiences, patrons, sponsors, and season ticket holders who have supported each production. Whether you are a long-time supporter, a brand-new season ticket holder, or are visiting the theater for the first time, there is plenty of laughter, tears, suspense, boos, and cheers for all as the guild continues to produce a wide variety of plays.

Belfry Theatre Productions

Production Locations

Noblesville High School (HS), Noblesville Junior High School (JHS), Noblesville Elks Club (Elks), Ivy Tech Community College (Ivy Tech), Hamilton County 4-H  Fairgrounds (4H)

Production Season Director
Ah, Wilderness! (HS) 1965-1966 Anne Braswell
Before Breakfast (4H) 1965-1966 Betty Lou Kyle
Never Too Late(4H0 1965-1966 Anne Braswell
Claudia (4H) 1965-1966 John Foland
Emperor's New Clothes, The * (4H) (Apprentice Players Production)              1965-1966 Betty Lou Kyle
Curses! The Villian is Foiled (Elks) 1965-1966 Unknown
Life With Father (HS) 1966-1967 Jane Campbell
Mister Roberts (4H) 1966-1967 John Foland
Member of the Wedding, The (4H) 1966-1967 Jane Campbell & John Foland
Tom Sawyer * (4H) (Apprentice Players Production) 1966-1967 Betty Lou Kyle
George Washington Slept Here(HS) 1967-1968 John Foland
Girls in 509, The (4H) 1967-1968 Dick Dellinger
Barefoot in the Park (4H) 1967-1968 Anne Braswell
Cinderella * (4H) (Apprentice Players Production) 1967-1968 Betty Lou Kyle
State of the Union 1968-1969 Jane Campbell
David and Lisa (HS) 1968-1969 Mary Ellen Mitchell & John Foland
Odd Couple, (The Belfry 2/14/69) 1968-1969 John Foland
Women, The 1968-1969 John Foland
Little Women * (Apprentice Players Production) 1969-1970 Betty Lou Kyle
Glass Menagerie, The 1969-1970 John Foland
Silver Whistle, The 1969-1970 Jane Campbell
Impossible Years, The 1969-1970 John Foland
Ten Nights in a Barroom 1969-1970 Betty Foland
Wizard of Oz, The * (JHS) (Apprentice Players Production) 1970-1971 Betty Lou Kyle
My Sister Eileen 1970-1971 John Foland
Come Blow Your Horn 1970-1971 Jane Campbell
Caine Mutiny Court Martial, The 1970-1971 John Foland
Blackboard Jungle, The * (Apprentice Players Production) 1970-1971 Betty Lou Kyle
Ten Nights in a Barroom 1970-1971 Betty Foland
Send Me No Flowers 1971-1972 Eleanor Wilhelm
Suds In Your Eye 1971-1972 Eleanor Wilhelm & Jane Campbell
Plaza Suite 1971-1972 Betty Foland & Jane Campbell
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs *(JHS) 1971-1972 Betty Lou Kyle
Dracula 1972-1973 Jane Campbell & Betty Foland
Absence of a Cello, The 1972-1973 Eleanor Wilhelm
You Can't Take It With You 1972-1973 Jane Campbell
Young and Fair, The * (Apprentice Players Production) 1972-1973 Betty Lou Kyle
Curly McDimple 1973-1974 Jane Campbell & Betty Foland
Dail "M" for Murder 1973-1974 Eleanor Wilhelm
Three Men on a Horse 1973-1974 Jane Campbell
Butterflies Are Free 1973-1974 Betty Lou Kyle
Alice in Wonderland * (JHS) (Apprentice Players Production) 1973-1974 Elaine Wagner
Ah, Wilderness! 1974-1975 Jane Campbell
Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds, The 1974-1975 David Purvis
Harvey 1974-1975 Eleanor Wilhelm
Jenny Kissed Me * (Apprentice Players Production) 1974-1975 Betty Lou Kyle
Guys and Dolls (HS) 1974-1975 Betty Foland
Pursuit of Happiness, The 1975-1976 Jane Campbell
Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild, The 1975-1976 Betty Lou Kyle
Man Who Came To Dinner, The 1975-1976 Eleanor Wilhelm
J. B. 1975-1976 David Purvis
Pinocchio * (JHS) (Apprentice Players Production) 1975-1976 Elaine Wagner
Take Her She's Mine 1976-1977 Jim Bray
Death of a Salesman 1976-1977 Betty Lou Kyle
Pleasure of His Company, The 1976-1977 Eleanor Wilhelm
Witness For the Prosecution(Court) 1976-1977 Jane Campbell
South Pacific (HS) 1976-1977 Betty Foland
One flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1977-1978 Jim Bray
Good Doctor, The 1977-1978 Betty Lou Kyle
Desperate Hours 1977-1978 Eleanor Wilhelm
Cinderella * (JHS) (Apprentice Players Production) 1977-1978 Elaine Wagner
Breadwinner, The 1978-1979 Jim Bray
Here's Love 1978-1979 Jane Campbell
Sunshine Boys, The 1978-1979 Betty Lou Kyle
Six Rms Riv Vu 1978-1979 Eleanor Wilhelm
Born Yesterday 1978-1979 Jane Campbell
Taming of the Shrew, The 1979-1980 Jim Bray
Charley's Aunt 1979-1980 Jane Campbell
Mary, Mary 1979-1980 Eleanor Wilhelm
Angel Street 1979-1980 Steve Free
Aladdin * (Apprentice Players Production) 1979-1980 Elaine Wagner
God's Favorite 1980-1981 Jim Bray
Waiting in the Wings 1980-1981 Jane Campbell
Fantasticks, The 1980-1981 Elaine Wagner
Night Watch 1980-1981 Steve Free
Inherit the wind 1980-1981 Betty Lou Kyle
On Golden Pond 1981-1982 Eleanor Wilhelm
Vanities 1981-1982 Betty Lou Kyle
Wonderful Town 1981-1982 Elaine Wagner
13 Rue de L'amour 1981-1982 Steve Free
Rags to Riches * (Apprentice Players Production) 1981-1982 Barbara McKinney
Tartuffe 1982-1983 Jim Bray
Tribute 1982-1983 Betty Lou Kyle
Kind Lady 1982-1983 Jane Campbell
Same Time Next Year 1982-1983 Eleanor Wilhelm
Under Two Flags 1982-1983 Jane Campbell
Bus Stop 1983-1984 Jim Bray
Desk Set 1983-1984 Betty Lou Kyle
Mornings at Seven 1983-1984 Jane Campbell
Arsenic and Old Lace 1983-1984 Steve Free
Snow White * (Apprentice Players Production) 1983-1984 Diana Richardson
Silver Whistle, The 1984-1985 Jane Campbell
Bell, Book & Candle 1984-1985 Eleanor Wilhelm
Rivals, The 1984-1985 Jim Bray
Little Foxes, The 1984-1985 Diana Richardson
Oliver 1984-1985 Elaine Wagner
Tintypes 1990-1991 Elaine Wagner
Best Christmas Pageant Ever/Christmas Carol, The 1990-1991 Jane Campbell
Deathtrap 1990-1991 Jim Bray
Legends 1990-1991 Diana Richardson
Greater Tuna 1990-1991 Chris Tolzmann
Brighton Beach Memoirs * (Apprentice Players Production) 1990-1991 Ron Richards
Harvey 1991-1992 Diana Richardson
Steel Magnolias 1991-1992 Eleanor Wilhelm
Nunsense 1991-1992 Elaine Wagner
School for Scandal, The 1991-1992 Steve Free
Bad Seed 1991-1992 Betty Lou Kyle
Aladdin 1991-1992 Chris Dickos
Mack and Mabel 1992-1993 Elaine Wagner
Best Christmas Pageant Ever/The Long Christmas Dinner, The 1992-1993 Jane Campbell
Whales of August, The 1992-1993 Jim Bray
Play It Again Sam 1992-1993 Ron Richards
Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, The 1992-1993 Chris Tolzmann
Bye Bye Birdie 1992-1993 Chris Dickos
Nunsense II, The Second Coming 1993-1994 Elaine Wagner
Driving Miss Daisy 1993-1994 Jane Campbell
Little Night Music, A 1993-1994 Chris Tolzmann
Robin Hood Capers, The 1993-1994 Jan Haworth
Lend Me a Tenor 1993-1994 Steve Free
Cinderella 1993-1994 Christie Holt Dickos
Kiss Me Kate 1994-1995 Chris Tolzmann
Best Christmas Pageant Ever/The Gift of the Magi, The 1994-1995 Jane Campbell
Doll's House, A 1994-1995 Jim Bray
Run For Your Wife 1994-1995 Ron Richards
I Hate Hamlet 1994-1995 Betty Lou Kyle
Carousel* (Apprentice Players Production) 1994-1995 Chris Holt
Ten Nights in a Barroom 1995-1996 Jane Campbell
Odd Couple , The 1995-1996 Jan Haworth
1940's Radio Hour, The 1995-1996 Elaine Wagner
Night Watch 1995-1996 Ron Richards
On Golden Pond 1995-1996 Betty Lou Kyle
West Side Story * (Apprentice Players Production) 1995-1996 Chris Holt
Grand Hotel 1996-1997 Elaine Wagner
Little Women 1996-1997 Betty Lou Kyle
Love Letters 1996-1997 Chris Tolzmann
Wait Until Dark 1996-1997 Carolyn Tinsley
Rumors 1996-1997 Jan Haworth
Beauty & The Beast 1996-1997 Chris Holt
She Loves Me 1997-1998 Elaine Wagner
Greetings 1997-1998 Chris Tolzmann
Sylvia 1997-1998 Betty Lou Kyle
Farndale Ave Housing Estate Townswomen's ... MacBeth 1997-1998 Ron Richards
Harold and Maude 1997-1998 Jane Campbell, Jim Bray & Jan Haworth
Oklahoma * (Apprentice Players Production) 1997-1998 Chris Holt
Camelot 1998-1999 Jan Haworth
Shooting Stars 1998-1999 Carolyn Tinsley
Boys Next Door, The 1998-1999 Chris Holt
Mixed Emotions 1998-1999 Elaine Wagner
Heiress, The 1998-1999 Eric Tinsley
Pocket Full of Rhymes * (Apprentice Players Production) 1998-1999 Beth Winchell
Ten Little Indians 1999-2000 Chris Holt
Scrooge, The Musical 1999-2000 Jan Haworth
Picasso at the Lapin Agile 1999-2000 Ron Richards
Skin of our Teeth, The 1999-2000 Jim Bray
Secret Garden, The 1999-2000 Elaine Wagner
Give Us A Break * (Apprentice Players Production) 1999-2000 Edie Bruce
Few Good Men, A 2000-2001 Chris Holt
Tuna Chrismas, A 2000-2001 Ron Richards
Man of LaMancha 2000-2001 Deb Farmer
Snow Ball, The 2000-2001 Scott Mason
Month of Sundays, A 2000-2001 Betty Lou Kyle
Charolotte's Web * (Apprentice Players Production) 2000-2001 Kyle Thomas
Ten November 2001-2002 Chris Tolzmann
Christmas Carol, A 2001-2002 Chris Holt
Moon Over Buffalo 2001-2002 Scott Mason
Haunted Thru Lounge & Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle 2001-2002  Carolyn Tinsley
Brigadoon 2001-2002 Elaine Wagner
Lil' Abner * (Apprentice Players Production) 2001-2002 Connie Murello-Todd
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten 2002-2003 Chris Holt
Talking With 2002-2003 Betty Lou Kyle
Caught in the Villain's Web 2002-2003 Ron Richards
Grand Night For Singing, A 2002-2003 Deb Farmer
Dr. Cook's Garden 2002-2003 Elaine Wagner
Schoolhouse Rock, Live! Jr. * (Apprentice Players Production) 2002-2003 Liz Corgan
Forever Plaid 2003-2004 Cathy Tolzmann
Gifts of The Magi, The 2003-2004 Elaine Wagner
Curious Savage, The 2003-2004 Ron Richards
Chapter Two 2003-2004 Christy Clinton
Seven Year Itch, The 2003-2004 Carla Crandall
Lucky Stiff * (Apprentice Players Production) 2003-2004 Liz Chandler
I Remember Mama 2004-2005 Thorton "Doc" Klos
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown 2004-2005 Liz Chandler
Don't Drink The Water 2004-2005 Ron Richards
Proof 2004-2005 Elaine Wagner
Three Men On A Horse 2004-2005 Carla Crandall
Honk! Jr * (Apprentice Players Production) 2004-2005 Connie Murello-Todd
Born Yesterday 2005-2006 Carla Crandall
Run For Your Wife 2005-2006 Christy Clinton
Something's Afoot 2005-2006 Elaine Wagner
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 2005-2006 Karla Ries
Little Night Music, A 2005-2006 Michael Moyer
Once Upon A Mattress * (Apprentice Players Production) 2005-2006 Connie Murello-Todd
Bad Year For Tomatoes, A 2006-2007 Elaine Wagner
Here's Love 2006-2007 Carla Crandall
Nerd, The 2006-2007 Ron Richards
Last Night of Ballyhoo, The 2006-2007 Connie Murello-Todd
Scarlet Pimpernel, The 2006-2007 Michael Moyer
Schoolhouse Rock, Live! * (Apprentice Players Production) 2006-2007 Connie Murello-Todd
Dining Room, The 2007-2008 Karla Ries
Christmas Story, A 2007-2008 Carla Crandall
Phantom of the Country Opera 2007-2008 Elaine Wagner
Two Orphans, The 2007-2008 Christy Clinton
Everybody Loves Opal 2007-2008 Connie Murello-Todd
Bye Bye Birdie * (Apprentice Players Production) 2007-2008 Connie Murello-Todd
Lost in Yonkers 2008-2009 David Burch
It's A Wonderful Life:A Radio Show 2008-2009 Karla Ries
Fantasticks, The 2008-2009 Carla Crandall
Mousetrap, The 2008-2009 Christy Clinton
Picnic 2008-2009 Elaine Wagner
Willy Wonka Jr * (Apprentice Players Production) 2008-2009 Connie Murello-Todd
Producers, The 2009-2010 Carla Crandall
ChrIstmas Belles 2009-2010 Connie Murello-Todd
Farndale Ave Housing Estate Townswomen's …Murder Mystery 2009-2010 Ron Richards
You Can't Take It With You 2009-2010 David Burch
Guys And Dolls 2009-2010 Elaine Wagner
Calamity Jane * (Apprentice Players Production) 2009-2010 Connie Murello-Todd
Don't Dress For Dinner 2010-2011 Karla Ries
Alice In Wonderland 2010-2011 Connie Murello-Todd
Don't Talk To The Actors 2010-2011 Christy Clinton
Fools 2010-2011 Ryan Shelton
Humble Boy 2010-2011 Ron Richards
Cinderella * (Apprentice Players Production) 2010-2011 Connie Murello-Todd
Great American Backstage Musical, The 2011-2012 David Burch
Perfume Shop, The 2011-2012 Betty Lou Kyle
Titanic: The Musical 2011-2012 Ryan Shelton
Twelve Angry Men 2011-2012 Karla Ries
Hollywood Arms 2011-2012 Elaine Wagner
Disco Inferno * (Apprentice Players Production) 2011-2012 Connie Murello-Todd
State of the Union 2012-2013 Carla Crandall
My Three Angels 2012-2013 Jeff Bick
Farndale - They Came from Mars 2012-2013 Ron Richards
Little Shop of Horrors 2012-2013 Christy Clinton & Connie Murello-Todd
The Spitfire Grill 2012-2013 Elaine Wagner
Sleeping Beauty - Disney * (Apprentice Players Production) 2012-2013 Connie Murello-Todd
Mouse That Roared, The 2013-2014 Ryan Shelton
Plaid Tidings 2013-2014 Ron Richards
Bell, Book & Candle 2013-2014 Jeff Bick
Miracle on South Division Street 2013-2014 Christy Clinton
To Kill A Mockingbird 2013-2014 Carla Crandall
Godspell 2013-2014 Connie Murello-Todd
Desk Set 2014-2015 Christy Clinton
1776 2014-2015 Elaine Wagner
Bus Stop 2014-2015 Connie Murello-Todd
Noises Off 2014-2015 Ron Richards
Nunsense 2014-2015 Carla Crandall
Emperor's New Clothes, The * (4H) (Apprentice Players Production) 2014-2015 Connie Murello-Todd
Butler Did It, The 2015-2016 Jeff Bick
Christmas Carol, A 2015-2016 Ryan Shelton
Red Velvet Cake War, The 2015-2016 Connie Murello-Todd
Cheaper By The Dozen 2015-2016 Carla Crandall
Little Women 2015-2016 Brenna Campbell-Christy Clinton
Disney's Aladdin * (Apprentice Players Production) 2015-2016 Connie Murello-Todd
The Girls of the Garden Club 2016-2017 John Patrick
Dashing Through the Snow 2016-2017 Connie Murello-Todd
How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying 2016-2017 Jeff Bick
The Foreigner 2016-2017 Dana Lesh
Perfect Wedding 2016-2017 Elaine Wagner
The Little Mermaid (Apprentice Players Production) 2016-2017 Connie Murello-Todd

(*Apprentice Players Production)